We dedicated this website to the 20th anniversary of his passing and will be releasing a film about his life in the comming months.

Musica Jazz

1.Michel Petrucciani’s Speech2:04
2.Dumb Breaks2:39
3.Michel Petrucciani’s Speech0:55
5.Michel Petrucciani’s Speech0:54
7.Michel Petrucciani’s Speech2:07
8.Hub Art5:57
9.Michel Petrucciani’s Speech2:49
10.Even Mice Dance (solo)4:12
11.Even Mice Dance (with strings)4:38
12.Michel’s Master Class5:17
13.Night Sun In Blois2:30
14.Fun Blues2:53
15.Michel Petrucciani’s Speech0:52
  • Release date : 1996
  • Label : Dreyfus Records
  • Credits : piano : Michel Petrucciani.

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