We dedicated this website to the 20th anniversary of his passing and will be releasing a film about his life in the comming months.


1.Looking Up5:47
2.Memories Of Paris5:23
3.My Bebop Tune5:39
4.Brazilian Suite #23:50
7.O Nana Oye2:24
8.Play Me5:17
9.Happy Birthday Mr. K3:57
10.Thinking Of Wayne3:54
  • Release date : 1989
  • Label : Blue Note Records
  • Credits : piano : Michel Petrucciani, organ : Michel Petrucciani, saxophone : Joe Lovano (soprano), synthetizer : Adam Holzman / Michel Petrucciani, acordion : Gil Goldstein, guitar : John Abercrombie / Romero Lubambo (acoustic), bass : Eddie Gomez (acoustic) / Anthony Jackson (electric) / Andy McKee (acoustic) / Chris Walker (electric), drums : Victor Jones / Lenny White, vocals : Tania Maria / Michel Petrucciani, percussion : Frank Colon.

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