We dedicated this website to the 20th anniversary of his passing and will be releasing a film about his life in the comming months.

Chapter 5

He will endure  Michel’s final project was to establish ‘The International Jazz School’. “It is my life purpose”, he explained in a letter to Le Figaro, “to pass on the little knowledge I have to others. It is my dream not to die with all my knowledge…I want to create a school to think, live…
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Chapter 4

Solo “I really believe a pianist is not complete until he’s capable of playing by himself,” Michel later reflected. Having always performed with his eyes wide open, playing alone allowed him to connect evermore directly with the audience. As a solo artist, Michel reached his zenith. In 1985, he became the first non-American to sign…
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Chapter 3

America In 1982 Michel needed a change of scene. Aldo tells of how he no longer felt “ free with me. He needed to escape. He needed to go very far, as far as he could go, and that was California.” This was the promised land for jazz, and a turning point in Michel’s career.…
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Chapter 2

Freedom and friendships Michel’s relationships proved key to unlocking his potential. In 1971, Tony opened a music shop in Montelimar, a renowned centre for jazz. Here, Denis Tourrenc (an amateur pianist and jazz enthusiast) determined to be taught by the reclusive young virtuoso that Michel had now become. Typically cagey about his son, Tony took…
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Chapter 1

Beginnings Michel Petrucciani was born in Orange, France, on the 28th December, 1962. His father, Antoine (Tony), was a musician, and his mother, Anne (Anna) Vivienne, was a reticent figure, quietly dedicated to domestic duty.  Unlike his two older brothers, Michel was not allowed the freedom normally permitted young boys. Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly…
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