We dedicated this website to the 20th anniversary of his passing and will be releasing a film about his life in the comming months.

Chapter 3


In 1982 Michel needed a change of scene. Aldo tells of how he no longer felt “ free with me. He needed to escape. He needed to go very far, as far as he could go, and that was California.” This was the promised land for jazz, and a turning point in Michel’s career. Whilst Paris had been hostile, it was in America that Michel learned to ask questions, and here he got answers. It was also here that Michel’s extraordinary playing compelled the retired saxophonist, Charles Lloyd, to return to music. Lloyd speaks of hearing Michel play as though it were a moment of spiritual conversion: “I was here not planning to play again. You triggered me. I heard this beauty in you and I said, ‘well I have to take you ’round the world cause there’s something so beautiful, it was like providence calling.” In Charles Lloyd’s band, Michel also played alongside of Roberto Miranda, Alex Cline, and Tox Drohar for four years. In 1993, now established on the jazz scene in the US, he left (much to Lloyd’s chagrin), to focus on his solo career.